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Inspiring and taking action, that's what Pinterest users visit the platform for. Inspire your target audience with sponsored posts on Pinterest. We know what works and how we get your Pins to the attention of the right target group.

The benefits of google advertising

With a strong focus on direct traffic, Google advertising delivers results.

Stay in control over budget and costs

Costs are calculated per click, impression or view. That way you only pay for relevance.

With a strong focus on direct traffic and results

To encourage the visitor to take action based on intention. That is what Google is regularly used for

Specific target options based on intent

Visible throughout the customer journey with Google advertising


Start inspiring with Pinterest Ads

Pinterest is the only platform where ads are additive. Pinners find what they love. You grow your business.

2.3x more efficient cost per conversion than ads on social media
2x higher return on ad spend for retail brands, compared to social media

pinterest audience

Find your perfect audience

Get your ads in front of the people you care about most with precise targeting tools on Pinterest. Reach the right people based on interests, demographics, keywords, customer lists, automated targeting or actalikes.

pinterest Advertising Strategies

Solutions for every goal

Whether you would like to go for awareness to grow your reach and build brand or product awareness. Go for consideration to get more traffic to content on or off Pinterest. Go for conversions to drive actions like online sales, signups and subscriptions. Or go for offline sales to increase in-store purchases.

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Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

Achmed Awad

Ceo & CO-founder

What we can do for you

Pinterest Ad Formats


Showcase your products and content in a simple vertical or square image format.


Capture attention and tell a strong story with our visually engaging video format.


Boost distribution by quickly converting all your product Pins into ads.


Bring another layer of depth by letting people swipe through multiple images in a single ad.


Display your products in action with a hybrid format that mixes lifestyle imagery and video.

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